Present Practices

WIL Atlantic

Participatory audio art project featuring Water Innovation Lab (WIL) Atlantic 2022 participants.

Facilitated and performed by Christopher McLeod

Introduction to Particpants

With so much going on, and with so many distractions, I find slipping through a day without reflection comes easily. I occasionally wonder how much of this constant state of harassment has been designed with intention, and at this point, would I even know how to live without it.

We have all come together here in PEI to focus on three core themes, and while focus is crucial, this collaborative project is meant to provide time and space within the periphery. Underneath our considerations of the themes, we can often find moments of clarity and understanding. A place to remove labels, locate ourselves, and embrace the process. The results will present themselves as they are meant to. I hope you are open to participating.

Let's Begin

Let your Guard Down

Let each of us not worry about considering ourselves as ‘artists’ or artistic, this is about finding space to express ourselves within a collective effort. I’m asking you to let your guard down, contribute honestly and with sincerity, knowing that we are all here to encourage and support one another on our individual and collaborative journeys.

Part 1

Guiding Questions

We begin with a set of guiding questions that are meant to assist in our effort of being present and locating ourselves.

The questions can also be viewed on Waterlution’s Instagram account @waterlution_abcd and through the shared Discord channel.

Headphones Recommended

Headphones are recommended when viewing the guiding questions. Find a comfortable spot where you can take 5 to 20 minutes to review and reflect upon the questions. Get into as much detail as possible when reflecting on your answers. You can write them down or not, this is personal preference.

I recommend completing this exercise twice before moving onto part 2, The Reading.

Part 2


A pair of audio cues are presented to you. The audio cues guide you through the arts exercise, and you will individually want to make time to reflect, respond and create. This is primarily an audio-based piece, so you will be recording your audio response through your phone.

Preparation for listening:

  1. Headphones/earbuds required, or as an alternative, a vintage stereo sound system with large speakers.
  2. Find a dark place, or wait until night, close your eyes
  3. Listen freely, and repeatedly.

The Reading

Performed by:
Hali Tsui, Ken LeFebour, Jacquie Wakabayashi and Christopher McLeod.

Margaret Atwood’s, The Moment.

This is a reading of Margaret Atwood’s, The Moment. Read individually by the four of us, while standing on a dock overlooking a small lake near Saint John. It is a recording of a beautiful moment and exchange between friends out on the water.

Thank you

Thank you lake. Thank you bull frog. Thank you trout.

Act One

Description: Performed live seaside through sampling of audio submissions by WIL participants in Prince Edward Island. Participants submitted their responses to The Reading featuring Margaret Atwood’s, The Moment.

Participatory audio art project featuring Water Innovation Lab (WIL) Atlantic 2022 participants.

Facilitated and performed by Christopher McLeod