Youth & Young Leaders

Empowering Young Leaders with 21st Century Skills & Creating Employable Opportunities

Waterlution highly values our youth as future young global leaders. In practice, we innovate dynamic, topical and creative methods and opportunities to facilitate young leaders with the fundamental 21st century skills needed to move forward as employable individuals ready to face the demands of the future.

The Great Canoe Journey

The Great Canoe Journey will engage school-aged youth, in all provinces and territories, in a youth-led initiative to contribute to their journey of reconciliation. Guided by traditional canoe builders and their canoes; Indigenous Canadians, new Canadians and long-time Canadians will learn together about Indigenous People, culture, water and connections across Canada throughout this 2-year project.

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Great Waters Challenge

A gamified online experience for children and youth to showcase the deep connection that lies between our water, our communities, and our identity as Canadians.

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Water Innovation Labs

Water Innovation Labs develop future water leaders to think holistically, design innovatively, and communicate effectively across cultures. By uniting young researchers, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs, WIL creates a platform to build new relationships, accelerate knowledge sharing, build transferable leadership skills, and co-develop potential solutions to water challenges across the globe.

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