I am a Resource Guest – do I need any additional information?

Yes, we have a Resource Guest package designed just for you. It will be emailed to you.


Can I promote my research, my work, my organization?

We encourage participants to network and share their research, work and organizations throughout the program. WIL is a place for knowledge mobility and sharing. There will be opportunities for this through conversations and collaborative activities.


When will all the online sessions webinars take place?

Starting on Thursday June 11, 2020 the WIL Global 2020 program will begin. Thursdays is the set day for all online sessions. Please check the time zone ranges on the Schedule page.

Please see the Schedule Section for all those details.

Do I need to commit to attend every online session?

The quick answer in No. Yet, we would like each participant to do your best to be as active as possible during WIL Global 2020 program. We have selected ONE DAY OF THE WEEK – THURSDAYS, for consistency and hopefully ease of scheduling. We will record sessions and trainings and they will be shared with accepted participants.


What is Waterlution’s online media release policy?

Accepted applicants will be required to sign a media release form to participate in WIL Global. The form gives Waterlution permission to record and store WIL Global sessions and to share the recording with absent participants. It also gives Waterlution permission to use your application videos, screenshot photos from online session, and photos you’ll submit throughout the program on our website and social media platforms.

WIL Global

Karen Kun

President & Founder, Waterlution


Megan Cornall

WIL Global Co-ordinator