Who Should Apply

Applicants should review the schedule and ensure they can attend the required dates.

Who Should APply?

Are you a youth or young professional aged 20-35?

Do you have a keen interest in water, climate, and related fields?

This includes multi-disciplinary fields such as environmental, socio-cultural, arts, policy, technical, etc. (lived experience and/or academic background)

Do you have the time and resources to attend this event?

Can you attend the entire week for WIL Canada 2023 (Monday October 23 until morning of Friday October 27?

Participants and facilitators are expected to attend the entire event. Waterlution is happy to write a support letter to your employer or university/college to support this professional development opportunity, and benefits beyond the training.  Please note in your application.


Applications will be reviewed every two weeks and rolling acceptances offered.

Waterlution is looking in your applications for:

Your reason for applying.

What you want to learn and what do you bring to the experience.

Commitment and desire to share beyond the WIL in-person with a wider network to share knowledge and opportunities

Selection process:

Applicants will be selected from diverse backgrounds (Indigenous, racialized, LGBTQ2+)

Also seeking youth/young professionals from rural and remote communities

Should I apply as a facilitator or participant?


How do I know if I should apply as a facilitator? When you hear the word facilitator – you are drawn to it, you find yourself in situations looking at multi sector stakeholder viewpoints, creative ways of engaging a group, and are comfortable or drawn to hosting space in front of a group of people. You want to develop skills in facilitation. Please note, if you are accepted as a Facilitator, you are expected, alongside participants to attend the entire WIL program.


How do I know if I should apply as a participant? You care deeply about the themes of WIL Canada 2023, and want to be very active in the content and learning, present in the dialogue and creative collaboration with peers.

Are you a WIL Alumni?

We encourage WIL Alumni to join us! If you want to join as a participant, please indicate in your application form that you are an alumni. If you wish to join as a provocateur or mentor for a shorter duration, please email megan.cornall@waterlution.org.

Ready to apply?

Are you passionate about the future of Canada’s water security under the pressures of climate change?

Applications open June 14-September 29, 2023

(rolling acceptances, get your application in early!)