Details & Schedule

Featured WIL Canada Event

Mon Oct. 23 - Fri Oct. 27

The 100 selected participants will have an incredible experience, learning in an inspiring natural environment, meeting with experienced guest mentors: artists, water resource practitioners, Indigenous community leaders, policy makers, activists, and educators. Widely applicable skills and invaluable networks will be developed.  If you care deeply about the themes of WIL 2023, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Welcome Session

Tues Sept. 26

All accepted participants

The interactive session will welcome the WIL community, learn from both traditional knowledge and contemporary approaches, nurture relationships, introduce concepts, and begin planting seeds of collaborative dialogue for the in person sessions to come

pre-lab training day for selected facilitators

Sun Oct. 22

Selected applicants only

The selected participants will be trained to guide deep and effective dialogue across sectors and regions, and then have the opportunity to apply their skills at WIL Canada

Main Event Schedule
Mon Oct. 23 - Fri Oct. 27

WIL Canada

all accepted participants & facilitators

Mon Oct. 23

Breaking the Ice

A Camp Chief Hector in Exshaw, Alberta

You arrive at Camp Chief Hector in Exchaw, Alberta, by dinner-time and meet all your new best friends and facilitators. Listen to an opening ceremony & celebration with an Indigenous Elder. Then enjoy dinner together before bedding down in camp-style accommodations.

Tues Oct. 24

Exploring the Issues

Focusing is on water management issues

The focus today is on water management issues. You team up with participants who work across sectors, and learn about what’s most pressing in local watersheds. Incredible learning, cross-pollinating and idea generation day, with skills training, mentorship and tools you can use in your water work post-WIL.

Wed Oct. 25

Getting Your Feet Wet

Deep dive into the water themes of WIL Canada

Today you do a deep dive into the water themes of WIL Canada, specifically urban agriculture and energy transition, in partnership with SAIT, hosted at Platform in downtown Calgary. Together we will travel to Calgary, hear from experts, and we have built in time for you to have small-group time with the invited experienced mentors, some of the biggest movers and shakers in Canada.

Thurs Oct. 26

Building Partnerships and Networks

Start building bridges to connect people and groups from across Canada and worldviews

It’s time to move the lens back and start building bridges to connect people and groups from across Canada and worldviews.

Fri Oct. 27

Bringing it Home

Closing comments and goodbyes

It’s time for closing comments and goodbyes as you prepare to apply everything you’ve learned and experience to water issues on the home front.


Ready to apply?

Are you passionate about the future of Canada’s water security under the pressures of climate change?

Applications open June 14-September 29, 2023

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