WIL Canada FAQs

I don’t have professional experience in the water sector but I’m interested in applying

We encourage you to apply! Tell us about how you’ve been engaged with this topic, and the reviewers will see if you have the right background to be included. This is a young professionals space, and if you really feel you want to be there, put your best effort in. Diversity of experiences adds richness to the WIL program and we encourage applicants that have unique backgrounds.

I love the sound of this program, but I am not Canadian

WIL Canada is open to Canadians and people living, working or studying in Canada. Unfortunately, we cannot accept global applicants, but sign up for our newsletter and/or follow our social channels as we do host global WILs!

Are scholarships available?

There is a reduced fee option available for those who are unable to pay the full fee. Some travel bursaries will be available as well as some scholarships to support those unable to pay the fees.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, participants will receive a certificate after completing the program.

How much time should I set aside to participate?

WIL is an immersive 5 day program with evening activities which are part of the networking. There will be wifi to check email and stay in touch, but the less work you can do during that week the better. This is a professional experience and you will get the most by being as present as possible!

I have specific dietary needs, are they able to be accommodated?

As a general approach, Waterlution does vegetarian as the base, sometimes adding animal proteins and dairy to fit a variety of people. We do our best to accommodate vegan diets and allergies and would work with you on a case-by-case basis. Participants will be sent a form where those details will be included.

I might have to leave a day early

Our strong preference is that people can stay the whole time; however, please note the reason in your application and it will be taken into consideration.
Have More Questions? Please contact:

Megan Cornall

WIL & Network Lead

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Are you passionate about the future of Canada’s water security under the pressures of climate change?

Applications open June 14-September 29, 2023

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