#WILLebanon came to a successful ending, where all of the hard work is harvested, and all of the new friendships are celebrated! We filled a needed gap in starting to build a network of water leaders in Lebanon with our partners. 🌊🌊

Thirteen projects were pitched, and while all were outstanding, these were the 5 that won Seed Grant and Mentorship Awards:

#1) Fid w Stafid: Reusing wastewater from Zahle Treatment Plant // Swiss Development Cooperation, $5000 Seed Grant.

Team #1 with Dareen and Urs from the Swiss Embassy.

#2) Moukafahat al Zibar: Reducing water waste and heavy metal contamination from olive mills // AUB Seed Grant and Mentorship Award, $5000 value.

Team #2 with Dr. Haidar, Director of AREC Farm at the American University of Beirut.

#3) Time to Act: addressing the problem of bacteria resistant to antibiotics in the Litani River // AUB Seed Grant and Mentorship Award.

Team #3 with Dr. Haidar.

#4 )HydroCrop: incentivizing farmers to input data into an app to reduce water loss and increase accountability // Berytech Award to participate in an Agri-Hackathon in July 2019.

Team #5

#5) Joud bel May Joud: clever social media campaign to increase awareness of virtual water and reduce over-consumption at a local scale // CEWAS Blue Peace Media Lab Award.

Huge thank you to all our partners who helped make WIL Lebanon possible: Sponsoring partners UNICEF Lebanon, Swiss Embassy in Lebanon, AUB – Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences FAFS, Embassy of Canada to Lebanon, & UNDP Lebanon.

Congratulations to the teams, we are so proud of you!

To learn more about our Water Innovation Labs and how you can get involved, visit: https://waterlution.org/WIL