Waterlution has partnered with BRK and CESAR to launch a new startup accelerator program for the sanitation sector “Waterlution BRK Acelera”.

The program seeks to leverage business with innovative solutions in the sanitation sector. Its goal is to connect startups in the sector with BRK, Waterlution and its partners, to accelerate the development of solutions, or adapt solutions from other utilities sectors, to the sanitation context.  

6 themes: 

"During the 5 years Waterlution has worked in Brazil we have experienced directly the incredible technical knowledge, innovation capacity and commitment of the country’s young water and climate leaders at the forefront of change. Our longstanding partnership with BRK and CESAR deepens with this new program and increases our ability to collaborate together which will increase our collective impact and solutions with the startups included in Acelera."
Karen Kun
President and Founder of Waterlution