Water Innovation Lab

WIL Canada Schedule

September 11 – 21, 2018

WIL Canada 2018 will be bigger than most global WILs. Waterlution will offer H2O Global Leaders training over the first 3 days (Sept 11-14), followed by the Water Innovation Lab Canada for the next 7 days (Sept 14 – 21).

WIL Canada Schedule - Sept 14-21

Please find here the Water Innovation Lab Canada schedule (most up to date).
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All those in H20 Global Leaders will be emailed your training schedule soon.

H2O Global Leaders Training:  September 11-14, 2018

This 3-day program will develop your skills in the exploration of new patterns of behaviour that encourage and facilitate collaboration in a meaningful way. This program will offer an opportunity to learn and deepen leadership skills, build a community of trained facilitators, connect with different perspectives, share skills, build competence and engage a cohort to address water challenges locally, regionally, and globally to create change at the systemic level.

We consciously design and host processes that deepen the dialogue and facilitation skills of participants. At this training we dive into process design steps and mental frameworks to understand how to work with emergence and complexity within groups, and practical tools to support practitioners in convening and hosting meaningful water conversations within their own contexts, teams and project challenges.

WIL Canada

Karen Kun,

President, Waterlution

Email: karen@waterlution.org
Tel: +1 416 887 4709

Dona Geagea,

Global Lead, Water Innovation Labs

Email: dona@waterlution.org
Tel: +1 647 302 4594