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WIL Lebanon 7-Day Schedule: June 8 – 14, 2019

Water Innovation Lab Lebanon will offer in-situ field visits in Beirut and Bekaa Valley, with our unique leadership and co-creation processes that result in collaborative water projects that are eligible for seed grants and mentorship support, and solidify a local to global network of water expertise.

Days 1-2: Field Tours in Beirut, Bekaa Valley and Key Sites*

Tours with urban and rural community partners within different environments provide context and policy framing, while identifying water problems, challenges and gaps. Participants and Resource Guests will visit important water sites within current and historical contexts and view urban design challenges. Industrial and agricultural visits showcase innovative water technologies and challenges in action.

Days 3-7: Co-Innovation Projects

Last 4 days are dedicated to collaborative innovation projects designed by teams. Ideas transform over the course of WIL into prototype projects and actions eligible for seed grants and mentorship prizes. Workshops with experts in innovation and water research enrich the time invested into co-creation and project development. Teams pitch their ideas and projects at the closing ceremony.

*Full schedule coming soon*

WIL Lebanon

Dona Geagea
Global Lead, Water Innovation Labs

Email: dona@waterlution.org
Tel: +1 647 302 4594

Sara Dia
WIL Lebanon Coordinator

Email: wil.lebanon@gmail.com
Tel: +961 70 798 148