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Lead Innovation Partner
Host Partner
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Auspicing Partner
Seed Grant Partners

AUB (USD $10,000)

Swiss Development cooperation (USD $5,000)

Support for one emerging start-up idea to participate in the CEWAS Start-Up Programme in WASH fourth module + continuous coaching and mentoring.

Support for one team that is working on water related to agriculture to join a hackathon taking place first 2 weeks of July.

Interested in becoming one of our partners and / or being involved in the Water Innovation Lebanon?

Please email WIL Global Lead – Dona Geagea dona@waterlution.org

WIL Lebanon

Dona Geagea
Global Lead, Water Innovation Labs

Email: dona@waterlution.org
Tel: +1 647 302 4594

Sara Dia
WIL Lebanon Coordinator

Email: wil.lebanon@gmail.com
Tel: +961 70 798 148