Water Innovation Lab



WIL Lebanon will include 6 nights in AREC (AUB’s Advancing Research Enabling Communities Facilities) in the heart of the Bekaa Valley.

AREC is a multi-functional and inter-disciplinary center devoted to teaching, research, training and outreach activities.

The location of AREC in the heart of the Bekaa valley which hosts the most significant agricultural activity in the country offers a unique real-life model for disseminating knowledge and innovation and for experimenting and applying agricultural research at a real-scale model. Moreover, the close knitted ties of participation and trust that FAFS developed over the past 66 years with the neighboring Bekaa communities offer a tangible and working model for the “Good Neighborhood Policy”. The center remains one of the region’s leading academic centers catering to the needs of students, faculty, researchers and communities.

Accepted participants will be in shared cabins with participants of the same gender.

WIL Lebanon

Dona Geagea
Global Lead, Water Innovation Labs

Email: dona@waterlution.org
Tel: +1 647 302 4594

Sara Dia
WIL Lebanon Coordinator

Email: wil.lebanon@gmail.com
Tel: +961 70 798 148