Water Innovation Lab Australia

MAY 19-26, 2018

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The Water Innovation Lab (WIL) Australia is about developing future water leaders who can think holistically, design innovatively and communicate across sectors and generations.

WIL brings together inquiring and committed individuals from the water sector, engineering, art and design, the sciences, business, social sciences, policy and planning to build our capacity to collaborate for a resilient future. It offers a seven day journey for young leaders from diverse backgrounds to collaborate with others to design new paradigms and work towards a resilient water future. WIL is grounded in inter-generational and cross-sectoral learning, inviting collaboration between young leaders, mentors and facilitators. WIL achieves breakthrough, system-shifting innovations through the transformation of individual and collective patterns of seeing, thinking and acting.

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About Water innovation labs (WIL)

We focus on skill-building and knowledge-transfer along with supporting ideas that will transform over the course of the Lab into prototypes and actions. Everything about the Lab is designed to bring to the surface new thinking and solutions that can be implemented once you return to your home countries and/or organizations. Our labs offer dynamic programming and challenges to ignite passion and spark innovative ideas and new skills to approach the future of water. Participants leave the Lab with valuable global connections, incredible experiences from a deep learning environment and opportunities for practice and ongoing collaboration.

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WHY WIL Australia?

Water challenges are often highly complex, encompassing not only technical and engineering issues, but questions of governance, power, consumption and society. Now, more than ever, these new ways of thinking are needed, particularly on water issues: that means new ways to engage with one another and with policy makers. In these complex contexts innovation labs are seen as effective ways to surface inspired solutions and approaches.  The water leaders of the future are not just those in the water space we need to connect diverse knowledge to build capacity.

At WIL Australia, we will investigate some of the major challenges and opportunities facing water management across the country, including:

  • Drought and Flooding
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Traditional knowledge for water management
  • Urban water quality
  • Coastal water systems and marine restoration
  • And more…

Who will be at WIL Australia

WIL Australia is designed for 20 to 35 year-olds from a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities who are enthusiastic about innovating within the Australian water context. Participants do not need to be experts in water issues yet demonstrate how water is involved in their work (along with many water savvy people, we are always seeking artists and creative thinkers and social innovators that offer a unique lens or practice on the subject matter). Waterlution believes the most compelling dialogue comes from having a mixture of knowledge and perspectives together in a facilitated experience. Participants include:

50 Young Leaders

(Australia, and Global) – water professionals and researchers, waterpreneurs, social scientists, community leaders engaging in facilitating processes of collaboration around water resources.

10+ Resource Guests Visionaries

with experience in water policy, technology and management, indigenous water management, community engagement and the Australian context. They bring the reality, policy, challenges and opportunities to the table.

5+ Facilitators 

From Waterlution, Melbourne and our community partners to skilled at designing and hosting an engaging, meaningful and learning-based process

Is WIL Australia for you?

Are you 20-35 years old, passionate about water ?

Do you have a water project, business idea, or artistic intervention that you would like to develop?

Do you want to meet, learn with, and inspire other young water leaders from around the globe?

You don’t need to be immersed in water issues to be a valuable contributor or to benefit from the Water Innovation Lab. Simply by having an interest in protecting water for current and future generations, a desire to contribute your ideas, a craving to be a part of real-time innovation, and a need to make real connections with others, you will find your place.

If this sounds like you, join us in Melbourne, Australia for a transformative week of engagement, innovation and change-making in 2018.


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