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Waterlution is dedicated to creating opportunity for technology and knowledge transfer between diverse people working in the water sector in order to create timely, contextually relevant, and innovative solutions that enable a more sustainable, creative water future in Australia.

In order to bring this vision into reality, we focus on providing a low cost experience for young leaders, to learn first hand the water issues through field and community visits, engage on these challenging topics with water experts, and collectively build new solutions.  This is made possible through direct collaboration and partnership from organizations that invest in youth, future skill building, global connectivity and of course…water!

We believe our greatest opportunities and innovations are made possible when we have diverse voices engaged in understanding problems and building solutions.  We collaborate with those who want to enable the next generation of leaders to facilitate across sectors and co-create solutions.

Want to support this opportunity?

There are lots of different ways to be engaged.

  • Direct partnership in the program – Make WIL Australia a reality for 50 Young Leaders!
  • Enable us to showcase the water context in Australia – Provide field visits or resource guests for our program
  • Offer scholarships for your staff, researchers or student to attend – You can cover the cost of their registration and travel fees.

Want to support the Lab but are not sure how?

Feel free to contact Dona Geagea at: dona@waterlution.org