Water Innovation Lab Australia



WIL Australia is an un-conference – this means the richest outcomes emerge from what the participants, facilitators and guests put into the experience

WIL Australia is not a directive, goal-oriented intervention, but rather a process by which different niche players can come together to build new relationships for collaboration, accelerate knowledge sharing, build transferable skills and innovate and co-develop potential solutions to water challenges.

Field tours, curated sessions and creative methods will be used to tap into and grow the collective knowledge in the room. WIL blends content from a variety of water topics with creative processes for new ways of learning, to activate new connections and encourage the sharing of expertise and experiences. Resource guests ground and push these conversations further.

Participation in the Lab enables breakthrough, system-shifting innovations through the transformation of individual and collective patterns of seeing, thinking and acting.

Specifically, WIL Australia participants will:

1. Learn.

Learn about current and future pressing water issues from immersive field visits, resources guests and other participants. Learn from thought leaders on how to channel enthusiasm to build new initiatives and a meaningful career.

2. Connect

Grow their network by connecting with thought and industry leaders as well as up-and-coming influencers in diverse fields.  They join the international community of Waterlutions’s Future Water Leaders after the Lab.

3. Build Capacity

Acquire facilitation skills and practice tools to design and host meaningful dialogue with a cross-section of groups and interests and turn those conversations into meaningful action.

4. Create

Co-create innovation projects that respond to the water challenges identified in their home contexts, or those that emerge from the Lab.


5. Transform

Leave changed. This is an experience like no other, participants will leave transformed, engaged and supported in their next step in working with water.

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