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We are currently developing all aspects of the Water Innovation Lab Europe 2016, to be hosted in the Netherlands.

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WIL Europe 2015 – Scotland




Sunday, 4th October  – Friday, 9th October, 2015
Perthshire, Scotland

Presenting partner:

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Based on the success of the Water Innovation Labs in Canada, Waterlution is offering the first pan European Water Innovation Lab gathering in Scotland in Autumn 2015.

Registration open!

About the Water Innovation Lab Europe

The Water Innovation Lab (WIL2015 Europe) is designed for 20 to 35 year-olds from a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities who are enthusiastic about innovating within the European water context. WIL2015 Europe will bring together inquiring and committed individuals from: the water sector, engineering, art and design, the sciences, business, social sciences, planning and ICT to build our capacity to collaborate for a resilient future.

Participants do not need to be experts in water issues. Waterlution believes the most compelling dialogue comes from having a mixture of knowledge and perspectives together in a facilitated experience.

This gathering is NOT a conference. There will be no panel discussions. Instead, field tours, curated sessions and creative methods will be used to tap into and grow the collective knowledge in the room.

Everything Waterlution designs blends content from a variety of water topics with creative processes for new ways of learning, to activate new connections and encourage the sharing of their expertise and experiences. Mentors* ground and push these conversations further.
*At Waterlution we call the gathered experts: resource guests, provocateurs and mentors.

Join colleagues at the Water Innovation Lab Europe at Comrie Croft in Perthshire, Scotland this 4th to 9th of October for what could be one of the most profound learning experiences of your life!

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WIL Europe 2015 is all about enabling Creativity, Start-up Skills, Facilitation and “Savoir Faire” to Connect People With Water

The Water Innovation Lab Europe is a learning space designed to give participants the chance to:

  • Develop deeper and more nuanced understanding of water issues in urban and rural settings
  • Learn from thought leaders who were once in your shoes on how to channel your enthusiasm to build new initiatives and your career
  • Acquire the facilitation skills and practice tools to design and host meaningful dialogue with a cross-section of groups and interests
  • Build a broad-based network of people with diverse backgrounds
  • Experience utterly unforgettable learning in an inspiring setting

Tell me what I’ll experience at the Water Innovation Lab Europe

4th to 9th October @ Comrie Croft, Perthshire, Scotland

Click here for the Water Innovation Lab Europe schedule!
  • 4th October – Opening Night: get to know one another through creative activities and over a meal
  • 5th October – Field Tours: A mix of urban and rural learning between Comrie and Glasgow
  • 6th-8th October – Rotate through THREE streams
    • Facilitation Skills-building and Cross-sector Dialogue: Whether you’re planning your first encounter as a “conversational artist” or want to raise the bar in leading a complex forum, you’ll deepen your understanding of the conditions that support the design and hosting of strategic conversations in ways that you can apply them to a variety of contexts. Drawing from the body of work The Art of Hosting and Waterlution’s experience with diverse water stakeholders, we dive into the essentials of facilitating conversations that inspire and trigger action.
    • Innovation marketplace: Do you have an innovative water project or idea that needs testing and refining before leaving port? Bring it to the market innovation place and get support to move it into reality. Even if you don’t think you have an idea, this stream is designed for you as well, as we will explore areas that you may want to engage with further (and you may leave WIL 2015 Europe with some ideas of your own).
    • Complexity, problem solving & the future: What are the current and future issues and opportunities? How do you position yourself to be in these spaces as entrepreneurs, leaders, or for your careers?
  • 9th October – Connecting emerging ideas and planning next steps

Every aspect of WIL 2015 will be led by your hosting team from Waterlution and Engage! As well as around twenty experienced professionals.  Check back in weeks ahead when we release the names of our provocateurs – they cannot wait to meet you too!

Curious about the Water Innovation Lab Europe Resources Guests? Check out our outstanding roster here! Check back for more announcements.

Check out the Water Innovation Lab Europe FAQ.

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Registration now open!

How much will this cost me?

We would like to thank our presenting partners for their assistance in keeping the Lab registration fees low. The fee* for the entire event is:

  • Regular rate: 160£ or 225€
  • Corporate rate: 350£ or 485€
  • 21% VAT is included; VAT is exempt in the case you have an EU-country based enterprise and can provide Waterlution your VAT number for the invoice, in which case the VAT is shifted and not charged to you.

Your fee covers: food, lodging, materials, and transportation from the Glasgow/Edinburgh Airports or Perth Railway Station to Comrie Croft*.  This is incredible value for a skill development experience, including facilitation training and network development with current leaders and longer term support for those with innovative ideas.

*Along with your fee, you are responsible for your travel to and from Glasgow/Edinburgh Airports or Perth Railway Station.

 Key Dates:

  •  23rd April: Registration opens
    • Rolling acceptance process between 23 April – 15 July (we will respond to your registration within a week).
  • Late May: Agenda released including resource guests
  • 25th September: Registration deadline
  • September: Information emailed (what to bring, what to expect), details, schedule
  • 4th October: We finally all come together!
    • Land at Glasgow or Edinburgh Airports between 1-3pm. Or arrive at Perth Railway Station by 4pm to meet a coach that will take you to Comrie Croft
    • Or meet us at Comrie Croft between 4-5pm
  • 9th October: We have breakfast together as a group. Depart in your own vehicles, or coaches will bring us to the Glasgow/Edinburgh Airports and Perth Railway Station so you are home for the weekend.

Why an “Innovation Lab”?
You’ve probably worked in a lab setting, maybe in school. You know it as a place that provides controlled conditions in which experiments and measurements are conducted. There are physics labs, biology labs, psychology labs — all environments designed to trigger “a-ha” insights and build knowledge.

An innovation lab is a similar environment, one that’s intended to “bridge think-tanks and do-tanks.” Instead of studying microbes or the behaviour of rats, participants in an innovation lab experiment with new ideas. When innovation labs work well, participants come with a wide range of perspectives and skill sets, and they are pushed out of their intellectual comfort zones. Divergent and creative thinking give birth to new approaches and designs.

Innovation labs typically use tools such as collaborative technology, storyboarding, and action research to encourage non-traditional thinking, new ways of identifying and weighing risks, and the reframing of challenges. They undermine hierarchies and bust silos. Waterlution creates pop up ecosystems as enablers of change.

Why Now?
In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, innovation labs are seen as effective ways to surface inspired solutions and approaches. Now, more than ever, these new ways of thinking are needed, particularly on water issues: that means new ways to engage with one another and with policy makers. The water leaders of the future are not just those in the water space we need to connect diverse knowledge to build capacity.

Water is elemental. It is at the core of our existence as individuals. We see the Water Innovation Lab as a key step in getting water issues embedded in popular culture.

Who is making the Water Innovation Lab Europe possible?