Coming Soon

Waterlution, as part of the Water Innovation Lab (WIL) Lebanon, is excited to announce the commission of Beirut based artist Yara El Turk in the creation of a new participatory art project examining the idea of movement as an interconnection between water, the Litani River, and the people of Lebanon. This project means to explore, during these exceptionally challenging times, that which shifts all around us; people, economy, the river, all while asking – where do we go from here?

With a political system that is purely based on sectarian divisions, Lebanon seems submerged with economic threats, societal turmoil’s and numerous dilemmas (Khalil, 2020). What can the Litani River tell us about the instability reigning over Lebanon? (El Turk, 2020)

Creative Director Christopher McLeod says “as a participatory art project, submissions are crucial in guiding the artist and determining the final artwork. By starting with participants of the WIL Lebanon project, and then opening up to reflections from the public, this artwork will speak to how the Litani River represents the condition of the communities it flows through.”