Youth Advisory Board 2024

Join the Wave of Change with YAB!
Since 2016, our volunteer Youth Advisory Board (YAB) has been at the forefront of empowering youth through water learning projects. With five successful cohorts and over 40,000 youth engaged, we’ve made a significant impact.
Why Get Involved?


Be part of a movement that fosters youth empowerment

Community Connections

Our current YAB members are delivering workshop across the country and fostering community connections to water and local cultures

Skill Development

While volunteering and delivering workshops for youth, YAB members receive valuable training and mentorship to develop 21st Century workplace skills

How can you contribute?


Apply to join the YAB and contribute to impactful water learning projects

Get Curious

Learn about our current youth project UNITY and get curious about the communities, their people and the water-centric artworks and educational tools created

engage within your community

Share the project in communities across Canada and inspire others to deepen their relationship with water and learn about Indigenous cultures

What is

UNITY is a youth-led and delivered project centered around deepening youth engagement through water, arts and culture being delivered across Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario Manitoba and British Columbia. In 2022-23, 5000+ elementary and secondary school students created participatory artworks alongside commissioned Indigenous artists; these artworks explored community connections to their local water bodies. YAB developed workshops with the artists to deliver in school settings.

UNITY aims to introduce, deepen, and unify Indigenous and settler cultures and communities centered around water and expressed through a variety of artistic mediums and approaches. With a focus on schools with significant or uniquely Indigenous populations, UNITY fosters dialogue and creates opportunities for youth to connect with local water bodies from cultural, artistic, and community perspectives. 




Join us on this exciting water learning journey!

*depending on how many workshops each YAB can deliver

Deadline April 5, 2024

Virtual Leadership & Skills Training Program Summary


Waterlution's Leadership & Skills Training Program is designed to equip you with essential skills for personal and professional growth, career related competencies and learning the ins and outs of the project and workshop delivery.

Leadership Training

Explore Leadership Dynamics: Understand the nuances of effective leadership, knowing when to lead, when to step back, and how to support others.

Personal/Professional Growth: Dive into opportunities focused on personal leadership development, systems thinking, and expanding cultural and diversity horizons.

Water Knowledge

Connection to Water: Understand the central role of water in Waterlution’s programs and activities, deepening your personal connection to water.

Guided Adaptation: Guide and adapt workshops as your understanding of UNITY develops, contributing to a more informed and engaged community.

Communication & Program Planning

Collaborative Teamwork: Deepen your network by being part of a collaborative team across the country.

Audience Engagement: Understand the importance of tailoring communication to various audiences and practice active listening.

Event Planning & Coordination: Gain practical event planning and coordination skills by participating in the workshops development, with mentorship and reference materials.

Workshop Facilitation & Youth Education

Coached by Youth Leaders: Receive personalized coaching from the Waterlution team to enhance your workshop delivery skills and develop your unique style.

Indigenous Engagement: Learn how building meaningful partnerships is an ongoing process about creating space to develop a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural context and ongoing impacts of colonization.

Adaptive Strategies: Learn to pivot and adapt to diverse group dynamics, build tools for public speaking, and craft engaging group education strategies.

Hands-on Experience: Gain practical experience by leading workshops both in-person and virtually.

What do we look for in a YAB member?

Heading into the third and final year of UNITY, we are looking for:

You will play an active role in the success of this project!

Deadline April 5, 2024

Through your participation, you will gain transferable skills such as Leadership, Networking, Adaptability and Empathy, and you will also be contributing to the development and delivery of this collaborative community-level project.

Have a question?
Email laurence.ethier@waterlution.org

About Waterlution

Waterlution designs water-centric projects that offer creative water-focused public engagement and education opportunities and give youth multiple opportunities to receive training, develop transferable skills and gain leadership experience/innovate by designing multidisciplinary and creative approaches to water awareness. Our organizational values are respect for others, lifelong learning, inclusiveness, kindness, and empathy. Youth Advisors will need to share these values to be part of the volunteer team. 

Waterlution welcomes and values diversity and diverse knowledge and perspective. We encourage applications from underrepresented groups to self-identify, this includes Indigenous People, members of a visible minority group, women, LGBTQ2S+ and individuals who face accessibility issues.


This project is partially funded
by the Canadian Government