Call for Learning Leads

Danielle Moore Legacy Project

About Danielle Moore & The Cautious Optimist Project

Danielle graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and Oceanography from Dalhousie University. She aspired to combine her passion for the ocean, waters, and culture with her experience in education and outreach.

Danielle Moore was a member of Waterlution’s 2018-2019 Youth Advisory Board, originally from Toronto and living in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 Territory while volunteering with Waterlution.

Danielle’s essence and passion for the environment inspired everyone she met, including Waterlution staff and volunteers. In early 2019, Danielle launched The Cautious Optimist (, through this “life as a learning lab” skill-building and blogging project, she vowed to learn new skills each month that could help her survive (and combat) a climate apocalypse!

Tragically, Danielle passed away in an aviation accident while travelling to Kenya for the United Nations Environment Assembly on March 10, 2019. Danielle was one of the selected Canadian youth delegates for the global conference.

To honour Danielle and carry on her inspirational vision, Waterlution volunteers and staff have continued Danielle’s Cautious Optimist Project.


Heading into 2021

Waterlution is seeking individuals interested in developing new skills and sharing them through blogs, vlogs, and in-person events as Learning Leads on this project.

Since May 2019 youth advisors and others inspired by Danielle’s story have committed to learning and blogging about new skills- such as growing and preserving food, and repairing appliances. Danielle’s blog will be carried on through Waterlution’s blog, and each piece will reference Danielle’s original blog page as inspiration. You can read Danielle’s January 2019 learning saga through her 3 blog posts about knittingspinning wool, and dyeing fabric.


Responsibilities of a Learning Lead 

  • Embark on a skill building journey over the next 9-12 months, documenting your learning through photos and videos, the skills being learnt under a chosen theme 
  • Write 3 – 5 blogs which will:
    – Describe the skills and experiences gained throughout each phase of the project in detail
    – Provide additional relevant information on the chosen topic
    – Reflect on your learning experience at each stage of the project
    – Guide others on how to complete a project from start to finish 
  • Create 3 – 5 video blogs (vlogs) that teach others how to gain the skill and also connect with their local environment and community 
  • Host a skill-sharing event in your region based on the chosen learning theme in November (planned for in-person yet we will adapt as needed closer to the time). A video recording of the event will be completed so people around the globe can learn too. 
*As the scope, time commitment, materials, and related costs needed for each project may vary. Budgets will range from $500 – $5000


Timeline for Learning Leads

This project will run from May 2021 – February 2022 Note: Learning Leads must be available in November 2021 to deliver an in-person event in their community, with space, refreshments, additional costs covered by Waterlution. 


Themes of Interest

(Themes are not limited to those listed, we welcome your own ideas) 

  • Foraging, Gardening & Canning, Woodworking, Sewing/ Textiles/ Knitting, Refurbishing/Restoring (appliances, bikes, etc.) 
  • Or something totally different, but it must be a skill that would help you survive a climate apocalypse. 

Note: The blog series can be structured as several separate smaller projects under a theme or a documentation of the phases of a larger project. [Examples: Documenting each stage of building a canoe (topic: woodwork) or Documenting sowing seeds, then planting, tending to the garden, harvest, and canning/pickling (topic: growing and preserving food)]