The Art of Hosting Water Dialogues (AoHWD) is a workshop series that builds on the in-the-field experience of water and sustainability practitioners who come as participants to develop their facilitation skills. Drawing on The Art of Hosting – a global community of practitioners and a practice in understanding the patterns of community-building beneath methodologies – this workshop series helps participants discover and learn the art of the ‘host’ and how to host the conversations that matter for the health of our water.

This workshop is consciously designed and hosted to deepen the dialogue and skills of participants, by introducing elements of the art of design, mental frameworks to understand how to work with emergence and complexity within groups, and practical tools to support practitioners in convening and hosting meaningful conversations within their own contexts and challenges. At AoHWD workshops, participants learn how to design and host:

  • Open Space Technology
  • The World Café
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Chaordic Design and Stepping Stones
  • Organisational Paradigms
  • Theory U
  • ProAction Café
  • …and more

“The only thing I knew about the Art of Hosting before I came was that anyone who has been through the program has a tough time explaining it. Part personal growth and part practical tools, AOHWD completely exceeded my expectations!” – Participant, 2012

“My organization will be incorporating facilitation techniques and concepts into our community engagement projects as well as within the organization, as a result of the training I received at AOHWD” – Participant 2013

Registration open for the Art of Hosting Water Dialogues (AoHWD) 2015

Near Vancouver – April 20-22, 2015
Near Toronto – April 27-29, 2015
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Why come to the AoHWD? Read this reflection from Chris Corrigan (an AoHWD facilitator)