Stories of the Lake

Stories of the Lake is an arts-based community development project that reflects a perspective that explores the connection between land and place. In our modern world, most maps that we look at are used for transportation; how to get from one place to another following the fastest route. However, maps can be so much more than a navigation tool, they can tell a story, evoke a memory, create a connection and celebrate a place.

Project: Stories of the Lake
Artists: Julieanne Steedman
Installation Site: Providence Bay, Manitoulin Island

Community dialogue began through public involvement sessions building a knowledge base of what the Great Lakes and specifically Lake Huron means to its people. Events took place at The Mutchmor in Providence Bay where participants shared their stories of the lake in a ‘Story Telling Booth’ (stories are videotaped). Participants will also be invited to bring photographs and written works to  share their stories. Several sessions were held that focused on historical significance, culture and language, sustainability, personal connection, and community. 

From these sessions, the artist created a hand cut aluminum and steel sculpture embedding the information, histories, and memories collected and submitted during the public sessions. This work is meant to celebrate the small truths and hidden  miracles of the northern Ontario environment as well as what its history and people have to offer. 

Artist: Julieanne Steedman spent a decade travelling, living and working in five different countries before coming home to Manitoulin Island. For the artist, creating is what brings a family closer. Julieanne is a co-founder of Makers North, an artist collective aiming to support, promote and enrich the art & design community in Northern Ontario.