One day at Marineland, Lot’s of people visited in the hot summer of July to see Sealya the seal.

Sealya came to Marineland 2 years ago. Caught by a couple of fisherman. Ever since then, she was sad but she was trying to be happy.

Two years ago…

The show was starting. “Hey everyone, presenting Sealya the seal!” I can hear and see lot’s of people clapping and screaming “Sealya, Sealya, Sealya.”

Sealya preformed a couple of tricks for the audience. The crowd loves when she jumps out the water.

“Go Sealya.” The crowd screamed. Everyone was happy except for Sealya. The trainier Samantha gave Sealya a treat.

In the night, Sealy realized there was a crack on the glass. Sealya used her tail and slammed it on the glass until it broke open.

Sealy is free in lake Ontario. She is wondering what she should do

Sealya decided to travel all the way to the Arctic Ocean to see her family.

As hours went by, Sealya realized that there was something different about the ocean. There was plastic everywhere!

Shortly after, Sealya finally arrived in the Arctic Ocean.

Sealya looked in every direction but still couldn’t find her family.

“I looked everywhere!” Sealya stopped and thought for a minute. “Wait, there is only one place they can be, that is home.”

Sealya knocked on the door until someone answered the door.

Sealya froze in happiness to see her husband. She swam and gave him a big hug!

“What are you doing here?” said her husband. “I got captured and was stuck in a place called Marineland” Sealya said.

“Well I’m happy that you are here.” Sealya and her husband went inside to see her children.

Right when we opened the door, Sealya saw her two daughters. Shelly and Aqua.

When Sealya saw her two beautiful daughter, she gave them the biggest hug in the world.

Sealya, was telling her family all the adventures she had and all the amazing things that she did

After hearing all of Sealya’s amazing adventures, one of her kids asked if they could go on ad adventure.

Sealya took her time thinking about what her daughter had said. After 5 minutes Sealya said “Yes”.

It took sometime for Sealya to think about an adventure they could go on. But then she remembered the floating garbage in the ocean

We are going to look at the different countrys around the world to see how they take care of the ocean.

First we are going to Canada, that was where I was captured for the past 2 years

They finally reached Canada and there was so much garbage, it was Unbelievable!

Next up was South Africa. There was an enormous amount of litter there.

Fun fact: Every year about 250,000 tonnes get dumped in South Africa

Would you like some biscuits and tea. Now we are in England exploring and doing some sight seeing.

Did you know 2 million piece of litter is dropped in the UK everyday!

“Mommy, there was so much garbage in the ocean” said Aqua.

“ I know but there’s nothing I can do.”

What Are you Gonna do to protect the Ocean and it’s Water!