Listen to Nibi by Hope Osawamick written on World Water Day 2021

We are so blessed

Water is life

As I stand here looking out to the west

I see the the setting sun glaring on the melting ice

I feel my heart beat.

Whispering water spirits are watching over us.

I see a crack through the ice and it reminds me of your vessel, ready to flow.

Even when I watch the opening of the water from a distance, I see the ripple of nibi and it looks like a breath.

I am so happy.

I hear a story when I listen to nibi

It’s time to give thanks

It’s time for a water ceremony!





We come from the sacred nibi from our Mother who comes from the sacred Nibi of her mother . Living, growing and surrounded in Nibi.

Listening to the water

We are the water

We are sacred

Nibi is Alive

Nibi you are so beautiful.

I am grateful.

When the snow melts

It returns to Mother Earth

It brings new life

Re- starting another cycle !