Ekjot Brar

My friends and foe disappear everyday

showing no signs of ever returning.

My family left but where to?

I have no recollection.

Intricate strings of nylon dive into my ocean

and snatch away those who look like me

My home is no longer mine, if I can’t find safety within it

The love I hold for the warm weather guides me to new oceans.

Away from everything I know in the Atlantic Ocean and towards the Indian Ocean.

I have grown accustomed to the never clear waters

but I still become sorrowful at the sight of them.

My grandparents would tell me stories about the water’s happier days.

Days when she would speak to us in a joyful manner,

but now she sits in her despair.

How awful has she been treated all these years.

The water guides me forward.

Gentle words ushering me on, acting as my protector.

However, nothing could save me from the darkness which I entered.

Horror overtook every other emotion in a gruesome battle.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find the walls of what I assumed to be the cave.

Even the water seemed to be weakened.

What was the source of my wretchedness?

Fears clouded my eyes, reason escaped through my head.

My only friend has been brought down by the darkness.

My gills began to collapse, along with the dreams I had once clung onto


Above the once mystical seas, large grey boxes attacked the air with puffs of smoke.

The water’s friend was no longer who they once were.

They had lost the spark they once held, now dissolving into a dull nothingness.

On the other end a black liquid seeped into the water, right over where I was.