Blood and Water

"For most of my life I struggled to know where I fit. I didn’t know my culture, so I didn’t fit in with the “Native kids”; and I looked different so was bullied by the kids in town.

This film shares some of the most important lessons I’ve learned on my road to reclaiming my Mohawk identity and a deeper look at how residential schools impacted me even though they had closed many years before I was born.

I know that I am not alone, this is not just my story. This film goes out to everyone else that is walking the Red Road."
Layla Black

Blood & Water: Produced as a part of the Great Art for Great Lakes project, this self narrated documentary exposing new light on the modern day impact and generational trauma caused from residential schools. Layla Black, is Mohawk Turtle Clan from the Six Nations of the Grand River and shares her family’s journey to reclamation through their eternal connection to the water and the discovery of traditional teachings.

Layla Bio:

Layla Black is an Indigenous Entrepreneur with a passion for helping others share their message, grow their businesses & impact the world with their vision. Over the past decade she has dialed in and mastered Social Media Engagement, Leadership Development, with a special passion for empowering female entrepreneurs worldwide. Creating a Global Online Women’s Community for thousands of women around the world has been one of her most rewarding projects.

“Reaching back into my Indigenous Community with my skill set has been a powerful reconnection for me. Helping First Nations understand the world of Social Media and how to leverage the internet to grow their ideas and small businesses is a passion of mine.”