The Story of the Climate Ready City

In the Story of the Climate Ready City, by 2040, Ottawa has instigated a number of programs to encourage a resilient city that is able to cope with extreme weather events. In 2020, floodplain areas were mapped and development was banned in these high-risk areas. Anther program encourage by the city include the capture and storage of precipitation.

The Story of Ottawa Moves

In 2040 Ottawa is a public transit-oriented city. Bus service is affordable and reliable. Ottawa has also fostered a strong bike culture with numerous bike paths (even the Prince of Whales Bridge is a bike path in 2040). As a result of the strong public transportation and bike system fewer people in Ottawa rely on cars.

The Story of Ottawa is Clean

In this story, Ottawa is widely regarded as a clean city with vast areas of green space. The Rideau River is cleaner than it was in 2014. Raw sewage is no longer dumped in the river and all deleterious substances are completely removed through wastewater treatment.

The Story of Ottawa is Self-Sufficient

The year is 2040, in the Story of Ottawa is Self-Sufficient, Ottawa has changed its relationship with water. Water users in Ottawa pay the true cost of water (treatment, transportation, infrastructure fees). There are also efforts to match water quality with use. By 2040, greywater is be reused for non-potable uses (e.g., for toilets). Rainwater is widely harvested and used for the widespread community gardens.

The Story of Water-Conscious Ottawa

By 2040 Ottawa’s per capita water use is much lower than what it was in 2014. Ottawans have a deep connection to its water resources. This connection was particularly developed after 2018 when access to local water for recreational and cultural use was improved. In 2040, Ottawa has numerous water education campaigns in schools and community centers. There is an annual “Water Day” and a “Water tour” through the city. Community groups will take part in water quality and quantity monitoring.


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