“I had my students come up with an aspect of the Bowker Creek riparian ecosystem they wanted to explore or learn more about. Bowker Creek is a highly modified urban waterway that flows through the school grounds. The format of their exploration was to create a ‘playlist’ or a collection of entries which together explored their project topic or project question. After sorting out some questions around privacy (no identifying student names, pictures, or other details), we were able to post their project playlists on the Royal BC Museum playlist website. I have included the topics and links for the playlists below”.

Here are the playlists:

What are the native medicinal plants of Bowker Creek?

How is Climate Change Affecting Bowker Creek?

Animals of Bowker Creek

Creekside Eats!

Fungi of the Bowker Creek Riparian Ecosystem

How good is Bowker Creek’s water quality and how does it affect local organisms?

How did indigenous peoples use local plants?

How do riparian zones benefit streams and wildlife?

What species are found in local tide pools?

Uses for local native plants