Ilhas Flutuantes was recently invited by WIL Brasil in partnership with Pernod-Ricard to construct and install 6 Floating Islands in Parque Burle Marx as part of Pernod-Ricard’s international ‘RESPONSIB’ALL Day’ on June 7th with a team of WILers facilitating the process! 

Inspired by the concept of biomimicry, Floating Islands are active systems for treatment, purification and vivification of water bodies contaminated by domestic and / or industrial sewage, from a multifunctional modular biological floating structure. They use discarded materials and native plants, benefit terrestrial and aquatic habitats and improve local aesthetics which benefits all of society. The system is already successful in several countries such Australia, USA and Europe, however, in Brazil, only 2 units were installed (2012 and 2016). As a way of boosting this project, a greater technical-scientific-academic foundation is needed. This project involves implementation and monitoring by means of masters students and researchers of the Research and Development sector of the company ÁguaV Engenharia e Projetos LTDA.The project potentiates the effect of green trampolines and the scientific community by installing 5 prototypes in a lake in São Roque-SP. After 24 months, a complete report of the entire process and its results will be prepared.