“Amazing. Inspiring. Motivating. Knowledge rich. Invigorating. Fulfilling.”

Kellie–Nicole Water Quality Specialist, Canada

“I thought the content was fabulous! It’s changed how I will do problem-solving moving forward in my career. I’ve seen firsthand at WIL that ‘all of us are smarter than any one of us’. And, I deeply felt the impact of working in multidisciplinary groups. I’m a firm believer now that the best solutions will only come when diverse voices collaboratively make the solution together.”

Margaret–Researcher, University of Calgary, Canada

” The facilitation methods were amazing.”

Analy–Researcher Universidad Centroamericana, Nicaragua

“I enjoyed the collaboration and flexibility the program provided. I truly appreciated that the training was not the typical “in-class learning” experience where we were being talked at, but that we could move and experience our learning.”

Alicja–Water Resources Technician, Canada

“The indigenous awareness component of WIL was eye opening.”

Ryan–Water Conservation, University of Guelph, CanadaWater Conservation, University of Guelph, Canada

“Building this connection with young professionals and resource guests who shared similar interests and career paths was remarkable and empowering. Being able to share my knowledge and experience with them made me grow as a person and as a scientist, and gave me a sense of purpose. All of this collaboration eventually pushed us to achieve innovation for water challenges we never thought were solvable!”

Sara–Research Assistant/ Water Quality Specialist, LebanonResearch Assistant/ Water Quality Specialist, Lebanon/

“WIL Canada was a life changing experience. I have never before had the opportunity to network and collaborate with such a diverse, interdisciplinary group of individuals.”

Taryn–Environmental Engineering, PhD Student University of Western Ontario, CanadaEnvironmental Engineering, PhD Student University of Western Ontario