“Canada is home to some of the most incredible aquatic ecosystems in the world and Canada’s Great Water Adventure is an excellent introduction to the incredible diversity of people and places that are interconnected by our waterways. Books like this are especially important for Canadian children to read so they can better appreciate the special bodies of water that have shaped this nation and the many lessons we can all learn from indigenous peoples who have protected and been sustained by these waters for thousands of years.”

The Water Brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin

“This beautifully illustrated and designed book journeys through Canada’s major waterways, showing us how all Canadians are connected through water; from the fishermen in Lunenburg to the water walkers in Toronto. “Canada’s Great Water Adventure” is a very Canadian story that celebrates Canada’s precious water through our native heritage from the nibi that flows through all our great rivers to the sgaana of the British Columbia ocean and the qimmit of Nunavut’s ice fields. Canada’s Great Water Adventure is sure to delight as it educates.”

Nina Munteanuauthor of “Water Is…”

This lively, kid-friendly adventure about Fernando and Brooke is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Travelling across the provinces and territories, Fernando takes the reader on an exploration of Canada’s cultural and geographic diversity. Full of fun facts to spark the interest of young readers, Canada’s Great Water Adventure makes a wonderful introduction to the country’s great waters. This compelling glimpse into Canada’s heritage and people connect young readers to the importance of water and storytelling.

Positive messages abound in these inspiring waterways and the people that look after them, with takeaways like water comes in many forms, water is cultural and spiritual, and it is important to both value and celebrate water.

Danika StreckoCurriculum Programs Manager, Ocean Wise