Global South VIdeo & Podcast Contest

A Digital Storytelling Contest to Mobilize Local Water Stories & Solutions across the Global South


We encourage submissions to include 1 or 2 pieces of content from the same region, which can be a combination of videos or podcasts, as described below:

  1. Videos: 4-6 minutes long and capturing a local water innovation. See World Water Journey IMMERSE for examples.
  2. Podcasts: 4-6 minutes long with local voices speaking to water challenges or initiatives. See World Water Journey VOICES for examples.
  3. Eligible regions: Mexico, Central and South America, Northern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, and South Asia
  4. Fact-Checking: all submissions must be accurate and true
  5. Signed Media Release Forms: Any people featured in the video or podcasts must have your permission and 
    Digital Media Release Form 
    PDF Media Release Form
  6. Minors: Any youth under 18 years old must not have their faces shown in videos or names in podcasts.
  7. Relevance: Submissions should address water and climate adaptation issues in local communities, highlighting innovative solutions (videos) or current challenges (podcasts/community voices).
  8. Creativity: Submissions should be creative and engaging, using storytelling techniques to convey information and captivate the audience.  Key people (or characters) are central to telling the story.
  9. Quality: Submissions should be of high quality, with clear audio and visuals, and using the best quality phone cameras and audio recording devices you have available.
  10. Originality: Submissions should be original and previously unpublished, showcasing unique perspectives and ideas.
  11. Impact: Submissions should have the potential to mobilize collaboration, action or change, raising awareness and promoting sustainable water practices.
  12. Language: We encourage submissions to be in the local language. English subtitles or transcripts must also be provided (you can use an online translator and our team can make edits if your submission is selected)
  13. Copyright: Submissions must not violate any copyright laws, and all content, including music and images, must be either original or used with permission and attribution.
  14. Technical specifications: Submissions must be in MP4 or MP3 format, with a resolution of at least 720p for videos, and a bit rate of 192kbps for podcasts.


The story of water at each pin is told through local voices, and is unique to that location’s challenges and situation. The following themes are suggestions to help you identify stories you may want to tell:

Community accounts and innovative solutions addressing:

  1. WASH
  2. Water Scarcity
  3. Flooding/Drought
  4. Water Quality
  5. Traditional Knowledge
  6. Agriculture and Water
  7. Coastal Erosion
  8. Aqua-Culture
  9. Water-Energy-Food Nexus
  10. Wastewater
  11. Conservation & Monitoring
  12. Storm Water/Infrastructure


Prizes ranging from $100-250 CAD will be awarded to participants.

  • All videos and podcasts selected for the platform will receive $100 CAD
  • Entries that submit one podcast and one video that are selected for the platform will receive $250 CAD

Winning entries will be shown at the World Water Journey Global South Contest Celebration Event in October/November 2023, and showcased on World Water Journey.