Global South VIdeo & Podcast Contest

A Digital Storytelling Contest to Mobilize Local Water Stories & Solutions across the Global South

Win CASH Prizes!

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Who is this for?

Contest Registration Closes June 20

Media Submission deadline July 31

What is World Water Journey?

World Water Journey, launched in October 2022, is a new interactive and immersive platform that brings together the challenges, solutions, change makers and research to elevate dialogue and collaboration opportunities for the global water community. An interactive map brings you to geographic areas or “pins” across the globe, allowing you to explore the local story of water through 6 windows. At this time, there are pins in Canada, USA, Lebanon, Brazil and Mexico. New pins are in the works for Mozambique and Tanzania.

What do you Get?

A Pin on the Map

Your community, and its important water and climate stories on the World Water Journey platform


Training on video and podcast creation – offered in English, Portuguese, French, Arabic and Spanish

Cash Prizes

$100 CAD to SELECTED videos and podcasts entries
$250 CAD SELECTED to entries that include both a video and a podcast


Credit given to the contributors selected for the platform

How to Participate?

Step 1

Immerse yourself in World Water Journey. Check out as many pins as you can to see what stories already exist, and get inspired to stories you may want to share for the contest.

Step 2

Register for the contest, which includes an option to sign-up for podcast and video training. After registering, you will receive a welcome email with all the information you need. 

Step 3

Produce 1 or 2 pieces of engaging, podcasts and/or videos (each 4-6 minutes in length).

Step 4

Submit your podcast and video entries on or before the deadline, July 31, 2023!

GUidelines for Content Submission

We encourage submissions to include 1 or 2 pieces of content from the same region, which can be a combination of videos or podcasts. For detailed instructions and submission specifications please click on the button below.

Timeline & IMportant Dates

June 20

Registration Closes

Skills Training

Digital Storytelling (optional)



Start Time


June 20

4pm UTC


June 21

7pm UTC


June 22

4pm UTC


June 27

8pm UTC


June 28

5pm UTC

July 31

Content Submission Deadline

August 31

Winners Announced

October 6

Prize Money Allocated

October / November

New Content & Virtual Celebration Launch (date to be finalized)


Yes, winners who submit more than one piece are eligible for multiple prizes. Please see this section for details.

We prefer new pin locations, yet please email us with a brief description and we will assess on a case by case basis.

If this is your first time creating content, we recommend you use Audacity for editing podcasts and OpenShot for editing videos. Both are free to use. You can record videos and podcasts on a smartphone. To improve sound quality, you may wish to purchase or borrow a microphone to attach to your phone, but this is not necessary if you find a quiet space to record and test the sound quality before starting. 

Yes, but you need to partner with a local person in one of the eligible regions and submit your entry together.

The contest is open to young water/climate professionals, journalists, and storytellers engaged in water and climate adaptation in their local community in the Global South. Must be between 18-35 years old from the regions listed.

Yes, teams or groups are welcome to submit entries together. However, the maximum number of team members is limited to three individuals.

The contest is seeking digital storytelling submissions in the form of podcasts and videos that address water and climate adaptation issues in local communities, highlighting innovative solutions or current challenges.

Yes, submissions can be in any language and we encourage them to be in the local language. However, English subtitles or transcripts must be provided (you can use an online translator).

Submissions should be 4-6 minutes long.

The submission deadline is July 31, 2023 and winners will be announced on August 31, 2023.

Submissions will be entered through the form on the Contest website. There are 4 options for submitting your videos and podcasts: 

For files larger than 10 MB:

  1. Upload to Youtube or Vimeo (unlisted) and submit the video link. 
  2. Upload to a shared Google Drive and submit the drive link. 
  3. Use WeTransfer. WeTransfer your entry to

For files less than 10 MB (most appropriate for podcasts):

  1. Upload your file directly to the submission form. 

A panel of water and storytelling experts will judge the submissions based on the contest criteria.

Yes, the winning entries will be featured on the World Water Journey platform, giving the participants an opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience.

Why is Waterlution offering this contest?

With climate change growing across the globe impacting water security, it is imperative that innovative challenges, approaches and research are showcased. Waterlution has an expansive global network that can enable communication, dialogue & knowledge sharing to bring partnerships to areas where they are needed most.


  1. Increase communities on the map across the Global South by generating new and timely videos & podcasts
  2. To provide skills training on digital storytelling to young water and climate change professionals
  3. To expand the global water network and mobilize knowledge of innovative approaches, partnerships and solution-making

To enable these goals this contest will offer cash prizes, and selected entries will be showcased on the World Water Journey platform, with credit given to the contributors.