Our core team defines the principles that Waterlution stands for — collaboration and social engagement as a catalyst for innovative water dialogue. We work together to develop future leaders by investing significant resources into developing the best methods to continually ignite passion, spark creativity, challenge traditional methods, and energize our communities to get ahead of the curve on envisioning the needs of the future of water.  


Karen Kun

President & Founder

Karen Kun is the Founder and President of Waterlution, and co-founder of Greatness – The Great Lakes Project. She credits her time living among Indigenous communities in Latin America as the inspiration behind applying water as a metaphor for everything essential in caring for and preserving ourselves and our planet. Thirteen years later, Karen continues to incorporate the practice of storytelling, building personal connections, peer-to-peer social engagement, and empathy as the fundamental tools in creating meaningful water dialogue. She is well known for her motto, which is to simply show up. Showing up has given Karen the opportunity to develop unexpected partnerships and to experiment with a variety of viewpoints and approaches. As a woman, mother, entrepreneur, risk-taker, mentor and Waterlution’s leader, Karen proudly supports youth. Growing the development of future global water leaders with the necessary tools to approach complex water issues has become a monumental aspect of Waterlution’s ongoing work and driver for change. Along with her water background, she is a skilled business leader who from 2005-2012 was publisher of Corporate Knights magazine.


Dona Geagea

Global Lead – Water Innovation Labs

Dona joined Waterlution in 2011, with a mission to grow a local hub of impassioned young water leaders and professionals. Over three years she built a robust network across Toronto and Southern Ontario and supported hubs across other hotspot cities in Canada. Ever since, she has been channeling her passion for using creative methodologies and techniques in designing experiences for people and projects at the intersection of social and environmental (water) innovation as an engagement process designer. Trained in the Art of Hosting and as a member of the global organisation Water Youth Network, she has hosted and facilitated hundreds of workshops (including at the Budapest Water Summit, 7th World Water Forum in South Korea, Water Innovation Labs – Canada, Europe, India and more, Singapore International Water Week), in community, academic and corporate settings and with diverse stakeholder groups. Apart from leading several Waterlution projects like the Great Waters Challenge and AquaHacking Youth Delegation, she is now Global Lead on the Water Innovation Labs, focused on the international expansion of this world-class training in 21st century skills for young water leaders. She holds a Master in Globalization Studies from the Centre for Globalization and Human Condition at McMaster University, with a joint graduate diploma in Water Without Borders from the United Nations University- Institute for Water, Environment and Health (INWEH). Dona is also co-founder of the Freeing Dreams Institute.


Chris McLeod

Project Lead for Great Art for Great Lakes

As a performance sculpture artist guided by socially engaged, dialogical, and interactive practices, Christopher McLeod has been exhibiting nationally since 1998 and internationally since 2009. He has recently completed his MAA at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. Christopher’s work has been featured in BlackFlash Magazine and SilverShotz Fine Art Journal out of the United Kingdom. He was selected as Artist in Residence at the Art Gallery of Mississauga and his interactive sculpture; The Responsibility Machine was exhibited as part of Nuit Blanche in Toronto. The Aqua Lauta Project, a collaborative apparatus that pumps and filters water through viewer participation, has been featured in Water Canada Magazine, McMaster Museum of Art, and Earls Court Gallery. His practice explores ecological themes through publicly presented projects focusing on creating social and environmental awareness that facilitate a public through emblematic, supportive, and participatory means.

Dawn Fleming

Dawn Fleming

Program Lead – Water Innovation Lab Brasil (WILBrasil)

Dawn is Program Lead and Curator on WILBrasil and worked on the creation and realization of the first Water Innovation Lab in Canada in 2010, was part of WILPorto’s facilitation team in September 2017 in Portugal and leads all partnerships and program development for WILBrasil.
With 20 years of experience in performance, facilitation and cultural design, Dawn Fleming is the director of Cultura Curiosa, an agency in São Paulo that creates “improbable encounters with incredible people.” Dawn is a performer, director and teacher, and facilitates and produces creative and learning experiences in a variety of settings – cultural, community, business, educational, and beyond. She is a member of Cia. Artesãos do Corpo.
Born in London, she grew up in Canada and has lived in São Paulo for seven years. She has two children.

Laura Palumbo

Communications Specialist

Laura is a writer, producer and communications specialist focused on creating and collaborating on projects across artistic platforms using storytelling, social discourse and creativity at the centre of her work. Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, and her pursuit of literature, theatre and film has taken her across North America and Europe. Her work includes credits from the CBC, NBC Universal and BravoTV. Laura’s work has awarded her the OAC Writer’s Grant for Non-Fiction, one of Shaw Media’s Fearless Female Director, and shortlisted her work for the A&E Short Filmmakers Award and NSI Short Film Festival. Laura joined Waterlution in 2017 with a focus on content writing, communications and project management for the Great Art for Great Lakes project.


Olivia Allen

Project Lead for Youth Programs

Olivia is passionate about integrating and developing social-environmental projects. Personally and professionally, she helps others understand the interconnectedness of human well-being and our environments (natural and anthropogenic). Olivia joined Waterlution in 2016 as a volunteer Youth Advisory Board member, and after participating in WIL-India, in 2017, she joined Waterlution as staff. As the Project Lead for Youth Programs Olivia coordinates Waterlution’s Youth Advisory Board and Canada school-based programming – the Great Canoe Journey, and the Great Waters Challenge. Olivia previously worked in water quality analysis, volunteer management, and environmental/cultural education and stewardship. She holds a Bachelors of Environmental Science from RRU, and a Water Resources Diploma from NSCC. Olivia is a facilitator, trained in the Art of Participatory Leadership through the Art of Hosting, and is also trained in Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education through UBCx.


Owais Ghory

Summer Student – Youth Coordinator

Owais is an Integrated Science student at the University of British Columbia. He has been involved in various volunteer and environmental stewardship roles since high school. He served as a Youth Advisory Board (YAB) member with Waterlution for the Great Waters Challenge in 2017-2018, representing Surrey (BC) where he engaged seven classes across the region. He supported teachers through the challenge, helping students and offering feedback in person as they worked on their submissions, and facilitated workshops in classrooms to plan water celebrations and improve the water literacy of Surrey youth. In addition, Owais was involved with the rest of the national YAB members across Canada as the delivered the program in schools and where he was blown away by the thoughtful water stories presented by students. He was part of the evaluation team selecting prizes winners for BC. A favourite memory of being a YAB member was the weekend retreat where everyone acquainted online finally got to meet each other in a bonding leadership training experience. As a summer student joining the staff, he is looking forward to contributing to the new incoming YAB with his experience and continue his water learning journey through Waterlution’s projects, and gaining more insight on First Nations culture in Canada.

Ludiwine Clouzot

Ludiwine Clouzot

School Liaison – Agente de liaison avec les écoles

Ludiwine is a Scientist, Educator and Social Entrepreneur, with a passion for water and children. She strongly believes children have a crucial role to play in preserving our waters. With a PhD in Water Treatment, she learnt how to preserve this precious resource. Ludiwine moved from France to Quebec City in 2010, as a post-doctorat researcher at Université Laval, and then to Toronto, where she started Ecoloodi, a bilingual non-profit organization devoted to educating children about the importance of water. With Ecoloodi, she had the opportunity to work with over 15,000 children in Canada and 6,500 in Benin (West Africa). Ludiwine is also a bilingual teacher in Science at the Royal Ontario Museum. Ludiwine joined Waterlution in 2017 with a focus on implementing the Great Waters Challenge in schools.

Andrew Reeves

Andrew Reeves

Great Lakes Researcher and Writer

Andrew is a freelance environment and science writer currently finishing his first book on Asian carp in North America. He’s a contributing editor at Alternatives Journal and the environmental columnist for This Magazine. Andrew’s work has also appeared in the Globe & Mail, Spacing, Corporate Knights and The New Territory. He lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter.


Tatiana Glad


Tatiana is a social entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist. She works across sectors and cultures to develop life-affirming and resilient leadership for whole systems innovation. She is passionate about systemic change, sustainability, water, enabling start-up initiatives/enterprises, creating synergies, good questions and meaningful conversations.

Along with her role at Waterlution, Tatiana is also a partner of Engage! InterAct, collaborator with The Hub and involved in The Art of Hosting fellowship. Tatiana holds a M.Sc. in Responsibility & Business Practice (University of Bath, UK). As a skilled and enthusiastic designer and facilitator of learning processes, she draws on participatory practices such as Circle, World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry and other social technologies to enable transitions to new futures. She is certified as a FlowGame host, experienced in cross-functional process improvement and trained in CSR reporting assurance.