Our very own children’s storybook, available in both English and French!

Published by Waterlution and written by four of our very dedicated Youth Advisory Board volunteers- Dorothy Graham, Ellen Stitt, Jill Pelkey and Stephanie Woodworth. Illustrated by Emily Francis.

About the storybook

This book invites readers to explore Canada and its waterways through the eyes of Fernando – an exchange student from Brasil, and Brooke – a young Canadian, whose family is hosting Fernando. These two young adventurers set out to visit each province and territory from coast (east) – to coast (west) – to coast (north) across Canada, to learn about many breathtaking and unique waterways, rich with a myriad of history, landscapes and people.

This book is specifically written for children up to 11 years old (up to grade 6) to learn about water through a fictional story featuring real Canadian waterways and facts. This is a story about curiosity, a desire to learn more, a connection with nature and water, and a deep respect for cultures and traditions.

What are readers saying about the book?


About the Book Team


Ellen Stitt, Co-author, Woodville ON

“When I started this project I knew I was creating a children’s storybook to inspire future generations of water leaders. What I didn’t know, was that along the way I was also building lifelong friendships. What I learned about myself -strengths and weaknesses – there’s so much I took from it. It’s hard to summarize it all into a quote. It was genuinely a journey of self-discovery. Incredible!”


Stephanie Woodworth, Co-author, Toronto ON

“Working with a team across the country was a big challenge! From scheduling meetings in different time zones, to mapping out a route the youth could travel from coast to coast to coast, we came across many hurdles along our storybook journey. When we finally met on a video call, we shared many laughs, stories, and experiences. Overall, we had a blast conceptualizing, mapping, and writing the book together; the four of us authors became close friends!

This project has inspired me in countless ways. I have felt so inspired to explore more of the country I call home一to visit all of the provinces and territories and to jump/swim/paddle in lakes and rivers that I have never been to before. I feel very inspired to discover new ways to engage youth in building relationships with water, such as creating more children’s books. Overall, this project has energized me to be a water leader and to inspire future water leaders!”


Dorothy Graham, Co-author, Lethbridge AB

“It was cool to work on the book while engaging with students in the Great Waters Challenge. We chose water factoids that were unique to each region of the country. It was a fun challenge incorporating many different water uses一 cultural, recreational, historical and scientific一 into the storybook. Working on the book gave me ideas for facilitating water discussions with students who are playing the Great Waters Challenge throughout Canada.”


Jill Pelkey, Co-author, Fredericton NB

“Creating Canada’s Great Water Adventure has been such an incredible experience. With the authors located across Canada, everyone was able to bring unique water stories and perspectives to the table as we developed the book. We explored and incorporated these different stories using a social, environmental, and economic lens, completing the three pillars of sustainability. This will allow individuals reading the storybook to receive a well-rounded perspective on Canada’s water systems and all that they have to offer. Through working on this story, it has increased my understanding of the deep cultural roots that are associated with our waterways and the countless reasons why we need to protect them for future generations. The story explores both natural and artificial environmental impacts that occur within our waters across the country, and also highlights a variety of different ways that our waterways are utilized by both humans and different species. I believe both children and adults can learn a lot from this story and I hope it increases appreciation and understanding of our beautiful water systems!”


Emily Francis, Illustrator, Victoria BC

“This project was rewarding in so many ways! This was my first experience with digital art and WOW was the learning curve ever steep! As challenging as it was to transition from pencil & paper to mouse & computer screen, I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn so much about my artistic process and to have diversified my skills as a budding professional artist! I also discovered so much about Canada’s waterways and peoples while researching for my illustrations! I am excited to share with Canada’s Great Water Adventure readers everything I learned through the book’s visual messages!”

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