Climate Change Impacts in New Brunswick: Shifting from Mitigation to Adaptation

Sussex to Saint John, NB
October 28, 2011 - October 30, 2011
Workshop Overview: 

The Maritimes have experienced an increasing number of severe weather events over the past years.  The most recent, in December 2010, resulted in extensive spring-like flooding of watersheds that have not previously experienced (in written and oral memory) such significant flooding events.  Coastal areas had unprecedented damage to the natural and built environment as a result of the weather and associated storm surge.  This is a clear we must think about the reality of a changing climate in a different way and must be prepared for any number of impending impacts.  The people of the Maritime Provinces are in full-on survival mode now.

The Waterlution Maritime Workshop 2011 will concentrate on how natural and human communities are shifting from mitigation to adaptation (or not) of climate change impacts.

“Shifting from Mitigation to Adaptation” is a two-and-a-half day residential workshop for up and coming leaders in the Maritime region, aged 18-35 years. The program will focus specifically on Southeastern New Brunswick with the goal of building its capacity to effectively manage climate change impacts in the future by developing strong, informed future leaders with a commitment to and passion for healthy and sustainable communities. Through experiential field tours, interactive dialogue sessions, mentoring and visioning exercises, the group will learn about climate change impacts while envisioning adaptation solutions across generations, sectors and cultures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet local organizations and individuals leading the way in sustainable development, and youth peers who are ready to join you as tomorrow’s smart decision makers!

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