Core Team

Karen-Kun-150x150Karen Kun
Executive Director and Co-founder

Karen co-founded Waterlution 11 years ago with the purpose of inspiring pattern-making and pattern breaking change toward a healthier relationship with our water. It was during her time in South Africa in 2002 that the idea emerged, that to solve complex water issues, a blended format of content and process was needed; one without the other would lead only to partial results. With vision, facilitation skills and a growing network, Waterlution began to grow in 2004 and the signature Future of Water workshop series developed. In all these programs, Karen aims to push Waterlution’s capacity to be more creative and innovative and to inspire others to be the leaders and mentors they are capable of being. Water complexities require us to have cross-sector dialogue, in inter-generational learning, in pushing ourselves and each other to think in ways we never thought possible. Along with her water background, she is a skilled business leader who from 2005-2012 was publisher of Corporate Knights magazine.

TatianaTatiana Glad

Tatiana is a social entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist. She works across sectors and cultures to develop life-affirming and resilient leadership for whole systems innovation. She is passionate about systemic change, sustainability, water, enabling start-up initiatives/enterprises, creating synergies, good questions and meaningful conversations.

Along with her role at Waterlution, Tatiana is also a partner of Engage! InterAct, collaborator with The Hub and involved in The Art of Hosting fellowship. Tatiana holds a M.Sc. in Responsibility & Business Practice (University of Bath, UK). As a skilled and enthusiastic designer and facilitator of learning processes, she draws on participatory practices such as Circle, World Café, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry and other social technologies to enable transitions to new futures. She is certified as a FlowGame host, experienced in cross-functional process improvement and trained in CSR reporting assurance.

FullSizeRender (1)Heather Garrick
Education Consultant

Heather is an international education consultant, designing innovative, standards-based, experiential curriculum for diverse students. She’s an Ontario Certified Teacher with12 years experience as a classroom teacher and environmental/outdoor education specialist and program coordinator. Heather brings a unique international perspective and skill set to projects, having taught in the USA, Australia, England, and Canada. Most recently, she designed and taught a Grade 5-8 International Baccalaureate (IB) program at ACS International School in London, England, specializing in science, visual arts and integrated technology. While there, she participated in cutting-edge professional development in the UK and Europe, designed and facilitated student leadership and group development workshops, and directed a middle school artist in residence program, creating permanent recycled-art pieces for the school/community. Previously, she was an environmental education facilitator at Active Education in Adelaide, South Australia, leading groups of students in grades 3-12 on standards-based outdoor adventure camps, with a focus on environmental science and group development. Heather is currently based in Hamilton, ON. She enjoys traveling, hiking, drawing, and going on outdoor adventures with her family.

WIL2013-50Julia Fortier
Program Consultant

Julia is Waterlution’s Program Consultant. She was drawn to Waterlution in 2008 as a workshop participant, keen to connect with other water lovers and change-makers. Julia’s undergraduate research at McMaster University looked at the implications of “fishing down the food chain” in Atlantic Canada. Her Master Degree in Environmental Studies, from the University of Waterloo, focused on freshwater management in Canada. Her research examined the social barriers to urban residential rainwater harvesting and how to overcome these obstacles. By the end of her studies, Julia found she had lots of water knowledge but was lacking a community to share with and the processes to put ideas into action. Waterlution provided this community, the processes and so much more.

Tessa headshotTessa Terbasket
Aboriginal Youth Water Leader

Tessa is a member of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band of the Okanagan Nation located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Tessa is currently finishing her undergrad in environmental and indigenous governance at UBC in Vancouver. She strongly believes that indigenous people of Canada need to be included as co-equal partners at the decision-making process with regard to water and land. She is very passionate about youth empowerment and leadership development grounded in traditional teachings. As an indigenous woman she has a responsibility to protect the water. In addition to her work with Waterlution, she is a Youth Reconciliation Leader at Canadian Roots.

P1012916Dona Geagea

Dona is an artist at heart, social scientist by training and environmentalist by profession. Lebanese by birth, Dona went through the interesting and sometimes challenging process of immigrating to Canada at the age of 14. As a young Canadian professional, passionate about positive change, she recognizes the balancing act of being career driven while embracing family traditions that connect her with her roots – all part of a beautiful and chaotic relationship. Since joining Waterlution in 2011, Dona has worked to inspire systems-thinking and authentic leadership among young water professionals. Trained in the Art of Hosting Water Dialogues, she has hosted over 30 workshops and facilitated at international conferences. Inspired by all these experiences, in fall 2014, Dona is embarking on a new journey: a project across South America focused on reconnecting women to their dreams and aspirations. Throughout her travels, continuing to upkeep her lifelong connection to water will be a focus.

professionalpic1Victoria Goodday

Victoria joined Waterlution in 2008 as the organization’s first full-time administrator, and stayed on until January 2012 to lead the core team under Karen. She has been thrilled to be a part of Waterlution in its formative years, and is continuing to assist the team as a special advisor. A native of Halifax, NS, Victoria holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from Queen’s University and an LLM in Water Law from the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science at the University of Dundee. Her recent work, based out of the occupied Palestinian Territories, centres on cross-border water management in conflict situations. She is most interested in the role of meaningful education and cross-sector dialogue in achieving deep systemic change. She thanks Karen and Tat for pursuing their vision!