Hosted by the University of Waterloo, the Canadian Water Network was created by the federal Networks of Centres of Excellence program to connect Canadian and international water researchers with decision-makers engaged in priority water management issues. CWN initiatives engage more than 100 researchers and 200 students across 37 Canadian universities and connect them with more than 100 partners from industry, government and non-governmental organizations.

Tides Canada Initiatives is a federally registered charity with activities dedicated to: conservation, environmental education and research, leadership development, social justice, civic engagement and charitable capacity building. Tides targets root causes of complex social and environmental problems through research, education, community engagement and various novel approaches.

The POLIS Project on Ecological Governance is a centre for transdisciplinary research that investigates and promotes sustainability. The POLIS mission is to cultivate ecological governance through innovative research, policy analysis and strategic advocacy, law reform, education and community action.

The Living Lakes Network Canada aims to facilitate monitoring, protection, rehabilitation and policy development for long-term protection of Canada’s water bodies through: watershed awareness, community-based watershed stewardship, protection and restoration of sensitive natural areas, sustainable water use, detection and prevention of aquatic invasive species, and innovative water policy.

Pioneers of Change is a global learning network of young people, aged 25-35, who have committed to be themselves, do what matters, start now, engage with others, and never stop asking questions. It was through the support of Pioneers of Change that Waterlution was created in 2003.