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an online participative game for young Canadians to uncover water stories in their communities and share with players from across Canada

What would happen if our schools, streets and public spaces became a place for conversations around our water? What if young Canadians, the leaders of tomorrow, led this movement?

The Great Waters Challenge wants to find out!

Progress Update: The Great Waters Challenge 2017 is currently in Level 2.

Water celebrations are being organized across communities and schools in Canada! After launching “Engaging Our Great Waters – Connecting Water & Young Canadians”a series of training workshops on public engagement open to young Canadians and players of the Great Waters Challenge, we are now supporting our players and youth in their communities to plan a public intervention on water!  From Vancouver to St. John’s, and Gjoa Haven to Toronto, this #Canada150 initiative invites young Canadians to visibly celebrate how water plays a large role in our heritage and identity.


We are searching for outstanding candidates to join our new Youth Advisory Board for 2017/2018. Are you the right fit?


Featured resource guests on the Great Waters Challenge include:

Guest webinars have been recorded and are accessible to registered players of GWC 2017

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french-buttonCurious about the Great Waters Challenge?

The Great Waters Challenge is a gamified online experience for youth to showcase the deep connection that lies between our water and our identity as Canadians—from indigenous traditional knowledge to recent scientific discoveries.  Throughout the challenge, we look for ways to celebrate our great waters leading up to Canada’s 150th anniversary on July 1, 2017.  By discovering many stories about our water’s past, we can better understand how it will influence our future.

The Great Waters Challenge invites you, through Levels 1 and 2, to learn about your relationship with water and the role water has played in shaping the identity of your community.  Your discoveries and stories posted on your blog are shared with other players across Canada.  The Waterlution team and its Youth Advisory Board support you throughout the game with tools and webinars that elevate your skillset and spur your curiosity!

Check out the Official Rules & Regulations.
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The Great Waters Challenge Timeline 

The Great Waters Challenge Timeline

Level 1 - Online Experience

January 26 – March 16, 2017
(open for new players!)

Players in Level 1 2017 will experience the same process. Challenges will be released on indicated dates below, with a recorded video.

Challenge 1 - January 26, 2017

“A challenge with myself” – this challenge will invite you to introduce yourself to us and other players and choose a water issue in your area that you would like to focus on or learn more about throughout this challenge.
Estimated time needed: 2 hrs 

Challenge 2 - February 2, 2017

“A challenge with my water” – this challenge will invite you to discover new information about the changes that have happened around water in your watershed/community, based on your personality and interests.
Estimated time needed: 2-4 hrs 

Challenge 3 - February 16, 2017

“A challenge with my community”  this challenge will invite you to uncover some history about water in your community. It will then invite you to be a connector and offer you resources and tools to bring a small group of people together in a fun, engaging and comfortable way to talk about water.
Estimated time needed: 4 hrs 

Challenge 4 - March 9, 2017

“A challenge with Canada” – this challenge will invite you to connect dots from stories of other players across Canada and reflect on the common threads and insights, including what water future you want to live in.
Estimated time needed: 4 hrs 

Challenge Closes:  March 16, 2017
Level 1 winners announced: March 30, 2017

Level 2 - Hands-on Experience

March 22 – July 3, 2017

Players in level 2 are invited to form regional teams. One perk they receive is a community mobilization training workshop. These teams will be tasked with the delivery of a community action-day that engages children, youth and adults in their community. More information about these deliverables will be released during Level 2.

Training workshops across communities
March 22 – April 28, 2017
Action Days take place between:
May 1 – July 3, 2017
Level 2 closes July 3 and winners announced by:
July 31, 2017

Check out the Official Rules & Regulations.
If you still have questions, visit our Q & A page.

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  • You are under 30 years of age and live in Canada
  • You are curious about water in your community, the challenges it faces and learning how to protect it
  • You love stories, to listen to them and to tell them
  • You love a fun challenge and get excited about sharing your learning with others
  • You want to join a community of players from coast to coast to coast and build friendships across Canada!




All players under 30 years of age must register online to become eligible for over $7000 value in Prizes to be won. Check-out the Rules of the Great Waters Challenge before you register.


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  • Access direct support from Waterlution and the Great Waters Challenge Team, join a support community on Facebook and connect with other teachers.
  • Receive news and opportunities for your students to connect locally on action days!

*The challenge is suitable for Grades 4 and older.


Sign up your school team to a gamified online experience that turns youth into reporters, as they connect their learning outside the classroom. They will learn to uncover stories about the history of water and how it has shaped the identity and ecology of their community - from indigenous traditional knowledge to recent scientific research and discoveries.

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