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an online participative game for young Canadians to uncover water stories in their communities and share with players from across Canada

What would happen if our schools, streets and public spaces became a place for conversations around our water? What if young Canadians, the leaders of tomorrow, led this movement?

The Great Waters Challenge wants to find out!

The Great Waters Challenge (GWC) will guide young Canadians  (grades 4-12 & youth groups such as scouts, girl guides or eco-clubs for age 9-18)  to uncover and celebrate water stories in their communities. These stories will be showcased on an interactive online map, to make visible how water connects us all across our communities from coast to coast.  

If you still have questions, visit our Q & A page.

Curious about the Great Waters Challenge?

The Great Waters Challenge is a unique experience for youth (students, scouts/guides, and youth groups) to showcase the deep connection that lies between our water and our identity—from what has been coded into indigenous knowledge and passed through storytelling, all the way to recent scientific discoveries. By discovering many stories about our water’s past, we can better understand how it will influence our future. The purpose of the Great Waters Challenge is to raise the awareness and capacity of youth to better steward and protect our water. As they complete a series of challenges, each youth discovers their personal connection to water and their community’s water story. As a team, they then take the lead on creating a water celebration to showcase what they learned. The Waterlution team and its Youth Advisory Board will support the participants throughout the challenge with a toolkit, workshops and webinars that elevate their skillset and spark their curiosity!

The Great Waters Challenge Timeline

The Great Waters Challenge Timeline

Only have your class during a portion of the challenge? No problem! All three challenges can be completed before your end of the semester as needed!

Level 1 – Exploration

October 16 – December 22, 2017

(Registration is now open for new teams!) During Level 1 teams will have a welcome workshop (or webinar) followed by the first two challenges

  • A choice of a training workshop (or a webinar if location is not accessible for our team) will be hosted for your group between October 16, 2017 and December 8, 2017
  • Challenges 1 & 2 must be completed before December 22, 2017
  • Challenges are submitted through a blog (a resource on how to create a blog is available here), by email, Google Drive or other.

Challenge 1

“My connection to water” – this challenge will invite each member on the team to introduce themselves to us and other players in the Great Waters Challenge. They’ll choose a water issue in their area that they would like to focus on or learn more about throughout the challenge. Estimated time needed: 2 hrs 

Challenge 2

“Water in our community” – this challenge will invite youth to discover new information about the changes that have happened around water in their watershed/community, based on their personality and interests: are they an explorer, a scientist or a people’s person? Estimated time needed: 2-4 hrs 

Level 1 Closes:  December 22, 2017

Level 2 – Celebration

January 8 – March 22, 2018

In Level 2, all teams will receive a workshop or webinar on event planning and community engagement with water. Teams will then be ready for the final challenge- creating a water celebration in their school and/or community.

  • A choice of a training workshop (or a webinar if location is not accessible for our team) will be hosted for your group between January 8, 2018- February 23, 2018
  • Challenge 3 must be completed between January 8, 2018 – March 22, 2018
Challenge 3

“Water Celebration” – this challenge will invite teams to organize a water celebration that engages children, youth and adults in their school and/or community. This challenge gives them the opportunity to take charge, plan and execute a group-led “action day”, to educate and animate change in their community!

Level 2 Closes:  March 22, 2018 (World Water Day)

If you still have questions, visit our Q & A page.

The Great Waters Challenge Winners will be announced by:  March 31, 2018

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This challenge is suitable for Grades 4 + / Age 9-18.


We will contact you when registration opens for our Canadian school programs.

Here’s what school teams have to say!

Teacher Testimonial

Meet Our Volunteer GWC Youth Advisory Board here!

2017/18 Youth Advisory Board


First Place

Stephanie Woodworth (Toronto)

Stephanie Woodworth (Toronto) First Place Winner of the Great Waters Challenge 2016-2017

Prize: A unique opportunity to represent Canada as one of the two Canadian delegates at the next General Assembly of the World Youth Parliament for Water in Brasilia, Brazil, Spring of 2018. Delegate is also invited to attend the 8th World Water Forum in the following week. Value: $2,000+ Sponsor: WYPW – World Youth Parliament For Water Location: Canada READ STEPHANIE'S BLOG

Second Place

Allison Matfin (Vancouver)

Allison Matfin Second Place The Great Waters Challenge 2016-2017

Prize: A free membership in the Canadian Water Resources Association (up to $120 value) and free access to a CWRA event held in 2017 in the winners province (up to $600 value). Value: $750 Sponsor: CWRA Location: Canada READ ALLISON'S BLOG

Third Place

Sylvie Spraakman (Toronto)

Sylvie Spraakman (Toronto) Third Place The Great Waters Challenge 2016-2017

Prize: One free registration in the 2017 Great Waterfront Trail Adventure—a 7 day unique cycling and water experience on a guided riding tour of the Waterfront trail. Current route plan: Pelee National Park to Rouge National Park. Value: $700+ Sponsor: Great Waterfront Trail & Waterfront Regeneration Trust Location: Southern Ontario READ SYLVIE'S BLOG